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Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop open closed path

In Photoshop paths can be open and closed. If you have a closed path and want to reopen it, do the following:

Use the tool Covert Point (<) for direct selection, select the part of the path you want to delete and press DEL. After this the path is open.

Adobe InDesign
InDesign: how to delete single page numbers

Page numbers in InDesign:

  1. Set page numbers on master page(s):
    1. Use text field to place and style
    2. Text > Special chars > markers
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Adobe InDesign
InDesign useful shortcuts

Fit page in window = Ctrl + 0

Preview/Display rendering quality:

  • Ctrl + Alt + Z = normal
  • Ctrl + Alt + H = high

Switch to preview mode:

  • W : if not in text mode (to turn on and off)
    or first
  • Ctrl + Shift + A = deselect all →  then W
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